Catan Dice Roller (CDF Version) (151 downloads) (No Mathematica Required, just download the free Wolfram CDF Player)

Catan Dice Roller (124 downloads) (Requires Mathematica but includes more options)


  • Name and Timer
    To point out how annoying some people are by taking too much time
  • Histogram
    Now you know what is the most probable roll! I really mean it, just read the next feature.
  • Adjustable degree of randomness:
    To make the game more interesting, I have introduced a degree of randomness. If you set it to 1, a basket of all possible double dice rolls is created and every time you roll, that roll will be drawn from the basket. This will enforce the triangular probability distribution very early on. On the other hand, if you select a degree of randomness of 3000, the basket will have 3000 times as many elements as the previous example. This makes the game extremely random since drawing 100 pairs over the course of your game will only change the size of the basket by less than 0.1%.
  • Game history
    You can enter your name (in the .nb version) and the app will keep track of your roll and how long it took you to build one goddamn knight which you didn’t even need because barbarians attacked like two seconds ago.
  • Vocal assistance
    Will read the sum of the yellow and the red dice.

The Story

I started writing this app for my friends (Andrew and Scott) and myself on May 27, 2016. With their suggestions, I slowly improved it through 8 versions as of May 24, 2017, which is what you see now. This was inspired for two main reasons. One of my friends would bring destruction to the island of Catan every single time he would roll physical dice. To prevent that, I made this digital dice roller. Since then, we have never played Catan with him! The second reason was encouraging gamblers fallacy based on evidence, i.e. the histogram.
I hope you enjoy playing Catan with this app. Feel free to send me your encouragements by saying that you use may app or suggestions (or Google Wallet donations :D) to my email:


If you don’t have Mathematica, download the CDF version. You can download the free Wolfram CDF Player to run it. But you’ll be missing some options.

Before you start the game, adjust the settings. Enter the player names, separated by “,” without any space character in between.
The attack of barbarians may be delayed to make the game easier.
If the speak option is selected, the program will pronounce the sum of the yellow and the red dice.
You can look at the history of your game by clicking on the “History” button. The columns of the printed table represent player name, yellow die, red die, event die, and turn time in that order.